Abschlusserklärung des EU-Gipfels Oktober 2012

Hier findet sich die vollständige Abschlusserklärung des EU-Gipfels vom 18.-19. Oktober in Brüssel:

Erklärung EU-Gipfel Okt2012 in dt.

EU-Summit conclusions October 2012 in engl.

Hier die zentrale Passage zur „Fiskal- und Wirtschaftsunion“: Passage Fiskal-Wirtschaftsunion Erklärung EU-Gipfel Okt 2012


Zur „Fiskal- und Wirtschaftsunion“ findet sich folgender Abschnitt auf Seite 9 der Erklärung:

„15.  The smooth functioning of EMU calls for stronger and sustainable economic growth, employment and social cohesion and requires stronger coordination, convergence and enforcement of economic policy. In this respect, the idea of the euro area Member States entering into individual arrangements of a contractual nature with the EU institutions on the reforms they commit to undertake and on their implementation will be explored. Such arrangements could be linked to the reforms identified in the country-specific recommendations adopted by the Council and build on EU procedures.“

Vorab heißt es unter der Überschrift „Integrated budgetary and economic policy frameworks and democratic legitimacy and accountability“

13. The European Council invites the legislators to find an agreement with a view to adopting the „two-pack“ by the end of 2012 at the latest. This is a key piece of legislation necessary for the reinforcement of the new economic governance in the EU, alongside the reinforced Stability and Growth Pact, the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (TSCG) [der Fiskalpakt, A.P.] and the „six-pack“. It calls on national authorities and European institutions to implement all of these fully in accordance with their roles under the EU Treaties. Related to the ongoing regulatory work in the EU banking sector, the European Council takes note of the proposals of the high level expert group on the structure of the EU banking sector, which the Commission is now examining, including their possible impact on the objective of establishing a stable and efficient banking system.

14. An integrated budgetary framework is part of an economic and monetary union. In that context, further mechanisms, including an appropriate fiscal capacity, will be explored for the euro area. The process of exploration will be unrelated to the preparation of the next Multiannual Financial Framework.

(Unterstreichungen von mir.)


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